Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Move Bush, get out th' way! (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GOP)

Today is the day of days. Or so we think. Another few days for provisional votes to roll in and who knows how long after that we're going to be mired in legal battles. Ugly, ugly.

I've noticed that my interest in the election took a significant drop after placing my vote over a week ago. One would think that I'd just gotten worn out by the intense campaigning or tired of the monotony of all the political spin or fed up with the nasty smearing dished out by each candidate. But I think the reality is that I really ony felt invested in one thing: me.

It's like at your graduation when your family cheers at you walking across that stage and then getting up to leave immediately after. To hell with all the other people. Sure it's a big day for others too and they deserve their second in the center but come on, it's like a four hour ceremony! Everyone's crammed into those tiny seats while wearing itchy, uncomfortable church clothes. So in the midst of all the people with the common interest, you still manage to shake your head and think "I'm a selfish, selfish person."

But hey, I did my part, America. I leave the rest to the capable hands of others.

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