Friday, November 19, 2004


The New York MOMA finally opens its doors in a brand new facility within the heart of Manhattan. I was lucky enough to experience New York City twice this year but was pretty disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to see this new structure. Instead I had to settle for the makeshift home in Queens. I'm glad I went but it was still underwhelming. Fortunately I got to see the traveling exhibit in Houston (on the last day) so I'm not completely broken up about it.

I want to go back to New York simply to go see this new place. I missed the Met and the Guggenheim and I'm thinking that I need a museum oriented trip. Actually, I'll make up any excuse to go back up there. I was completely caught off guard as to how much I was swept away by the energy, diversity and excitement of the Big Apple. It's like a grown up's DisneyWorld, with hobos and druggies instead of Mickey and Donald, a subway instead of Space Mountain, and a bombardment of petty commercialism instead of a bombardment of petty commercialism with a mouse silhouette. A wonderful world indeed.


Susan said...

I'm hearing mixed reviews of the MOMA building, but agree it would be great to see. I live only a $35 round-trip bus ride away from NYC, and I haven't been in over a year. Can you believe it? A travesty.

laoser said...

$35? That's pretty good, but suspect maybe? I saw a bunch of signs in Boston saying $20 to NYC roundtrip but you had to go to Chinatown and ride with a bunch of asian grandmas who smelled like dead chickens.