Monday, November 29, 2004

Who's crying out for segregated facilities now, biatch?

NPR reports that a school district in California is experiencing an interesting case of racism. Rich and educated immigrants have populated a community and are looking to segregate their children from white kids who are supposedly underperforming, bringing down test grades and thus reducing the quality of the education. Strangely, the school district in dispute is already among the top performing districts in the country. Leave it to Asian parents to fanatically obsess over their kids' education. Then again, aren't schools already segregating within themselves? Honors classes, AP courses and magnet schools are designed to allow the "smart and gifted kids" to take more intensive lessons, so is making an entire seperate school district for smart kids so outrageous?

I'm not trying to validate this effort but I also hate using the Racism card as the end-all reasoning behind everything. That's not to say that I don't think Asians aren't out of their minds. I know firsthand how much Asians push their kids and how racist they really are. And California is practically overrun with Asians. I have cousins who go to schools that are 90% Asian and are baffled that my friends aren't all Chinese or Korean. They're also prime examples of how being in a homogonized society can create very close minded viewpoints. Despite the parents' good intentions, this article further illustrates how discrimination hurts everyone.

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