Friday, October 22, 2004

Jon Stewart on CNN's Crossfire

I thought Jon Stewart handled himself rather well on Crossfire, and got in some hilarious zingers at the hosts. Some pretty relevant issues were raised such as responsible journalism. When the tables were turned Jon was exasperated, retorting that his show shouldn't be a source of information. His show's main arena is entertainment and humor. Just because it's a parody of a news show doesn't mean that people can use it as a viable source. That point makes sense to me, but it's become more evident that entertainers are using their voice to influence people's political views but then putting their hands up saying that it's not their job to do that whenever someone calls them out on it. From Michael Moore "documentaries" to Oscar acceptance speeches to song lyrics, celebrities are pushing their own views and agendas on us. I love Radiohead music but I'm not looking to Thom Yorke to gauge my own social/political views. Stop preaching and just entertain me. I'll read the newspaper if I want to get informed. Which, by the way, has its own slant but that's a whole other issue that I'll hold off on ranting about for now.

Watch the video

Other news, I am about to get off early for work to head to Lubbock to go to the Tech/UT game. Go Raiders!!

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