Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Racism Redux

NPR follows up in Fremont, California on the school district with an immigrant majority and the white population looking in. The focus shifts away from the parents and towards the kids in the high schools. The students talk about dealing with intense pressure and racism. I found the testimonials by the mixed minority kids (or "hybrids") to be the ones that I related to the most. Although 100% Chinese, I've never easily integrated into an Asian group. My feeling constantly stuck inbetween cultures is echoed in some of the statements given in the article.

Despite all of the issues that these students face, it's refreshing to hear how well most of them are coping. There's a lightheartedness and optimism in their tone. They seem to shrug off the pressure in an automatic confidence that they'll overcome whatever they face. Ah, to be young and enthusiastic again; not jaded and cynical like I am now.

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