Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cloy Story

Leave it to a floundering megamillion corporation to destroy any sense of quality in one of its most beloved products. As CNN reports, Disney is in the initial stages of production to begin a second sequel to its hit, Toy Story. The first fully computer animated full length film was conceived and created by Pixar, with Disney more or less distributing it. As Pixar has grown, both in stature and financially, they've tried to break off from Disney's hold. Now with only one film left to give Disney under their agreement, Pixar will be on its own, leaving Disney with a gaping void. As per contract, Disney has complete ownership of whatever Pixar has created. Like leeches, they're going to now suck out all of the vitality and sacredness of whatever they can.

When Toy Story 2 was announced, I was very skeptical. None of Disney's sequels have been anywhere near up to par with the originals. Not only that, even the theatrical released animations were starting to show serious degradation of quality and originality. Fortunately, Pixar's utter commitment to a solid story and further advancement in animation led to a great continuation of the story.

Who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised again. Maybe Disney will pull off some of that magic that it's been sorely lacking in the past decade. Then again, given the company's reputation of exploitation, money mongering and lack of self-respect, I'm not holding my breath.

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