Friday, October 31, 2008

Menswhere? : Shoes

My quest for new shoes was derailed somewhat by having to hunt down any sort of apparel adorned with animal-print for a themed birthday party and figuring out a Halloween costume. The birthday girl didn’t really think through her theme because I quickly discovered that no one makes any sort of clothing for men that have animal-print patterns.

My guy friends and I resorted to the Salvation Army sifting through women’s clothing. I ended up buying a women’s silk button-up with a horrible snake-skin pattern for $5. I had to rip off the shoulder pads and even sew two buttons onto it. It was the most ill-fitting thing I’d ever worn. And yes, we all went out in public (Manhattan, no less) and looked like assholes. But it was all in good fun.

Back on the hunt for men’s shoes that weren’t bland or ugly, I found some casual shoes at the Ben Sherman store that I thought were decent. The problem was that they were on a store display and the store didn’t actually carry them. I’ve found them online but I’m not one of those people who can buy clothes online. I have to see and feel them and, oh yeah, try them on. So I’m looking for places in the city that sell Ben Sherman stuff, which has been tough. Places that sell the ties and shirts I’ve found but shoes have been scarce.

Meanwhile, I found some slightly more formal shoes at Banana Republic of all places. I vowed to not shop at that place any more since their designs tend to be bland and not ideal for my thin body type. But they usually have high quality materials so I’ll venture in to check on cashmere scarves and whatnot. The image to the left is of the loafers, but I got the laced-version which I think is much better. They’re nothing too flashy but have some nice details that make them wearable for me.

For the most part, I still rely on my good ol’ Chucks for everyday use. Since I’ve done a fair amount of damage to them, I went and got a new pair of the exact same style. I felt a twinge of resistance to just swap out the shoes. Shouldn’t I move on to something new and break out of my habit? I’m usually all for that mode of thinking, but these are Chucks. I love them so much. And they’re so comfortable. I broke in the new ones this morning and it was strange to see such blinding white and clean black on my feet as I walked to work. I definitely need to put some wear and tear on them, and then they’ll feel like home.

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J.Rock. said...

I am SO stepping on them next time I see you.