Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chivalry ain’t dead, it’s just been stuck on the F-train

Yesterday during rush hour, a woman with two toddlers got onto the train and instantly two guys and I got up from our seats for them. When one of the boys got antsy for having to sit across the aisle from his mom, another guy gave up his seat.

It was nice to see that some guys are still gentlemen even in this jaded, self-centered metropolis. Okay, so most of the time I get to witness men sit there like jerks while women stand around them. Get on your feet, boys!

These old-fashioned gestures must be a rarity for most New Yorkers because when I hold doors open for women, they usually look shocked. Or they ignore me with suspicious looks on their faces.

Men have been giving me a bad rap. No wonder most girls look like they’re ready to pepper spray me when I make eye contact.

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