Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wailin’ on Palin

Tonight is the VP debate, and while I was initially salivating at the prospect of Biden tearing Palin apart, I now have a lot of apprehension. Biden’s job is going to be tougher than many expect. History of gaffes aside, he has to tread carefully lest he gets labeled as a sexist and garners sympathy for Palin, of whom people have such low expectations that it’ll be considered a victory if she just manages to string a few sentences together.

Which may be a challenge for her. Palin couldn’t even answer Katie Couric’s request to name one newspaper or publication that she reads to keep up with current affairs. All week, I’ve been sending links around of the cringe-worthy Couric interviews where she rivals Bush for sound-bite worthy idiocy.

I’ve been so vocal against Palin that a friend commented that I must “really hate the bitch”. I don’t actually. She has different views from me, and I couldn’t care less. It’s more that I feel offended by the Republican party’s assumption on our collective intelligence. THIS is what they chose to put in front of us and say she’s good enough to lead us.

I’ve realized that even I have been caught up in the circus that the Palin nomination has created. After seeing how many newspaper headlines have been swallowed up by Palin, is it outside the realm of possibility to consider that this was a calculated move by McCain in order to divert our attention from the relevant issues? Dare I give the seemingly bumbling, self-destructive campaign that much credit? Biden’s given over 100 interviews since his nomination and we don’t hear jack about him. I get more email links of Palin’s beauty pageant videos than any concerning economic policy.

If this tactic was calculated (and marverick-y?), it’s equally a dangerous and baffling one. I doubt that the McCain group did this all on purpose though. The bungling interviews are the biggest indicator that none of this was part of any overall strategy.

So what are the possible scenarios here? A. They didn’t put any thought into Palin, but she’s a woman which would get the Hillary votes. B. They knew what an idiot she was but knew that the media and population would be so diverted by insignificant details like pregnant daughters that they could slip into the White House without exposing political inadequacies. C. They actually think that she’s a qualified, viable candidate to be a heartbeat away from the Commander in Chief.

All of those likelihoods leave me feeling insulted. Come on, America! I’m begging you to pull your head out of your asses! Look past the lipstick!!!


J.Rock. said...

Are you now suggesting we put lipstick on asses?

Laoser said...

Sigh... I can always count on you, Jess, to keep it classy.