Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Another area of neglect. I used to take part in the Gallery Openings in Chelsea which salved my cultured side but haven’t been able to make it to any exhibitions in a while.

Aernout Mik at the MoMA
Impressive video installations of various stagings, shown in multiple angles. At times overwhelming, it was nonetheless interesting to view a scene in an almost omniscient perspective. In media, we’re so used to being shown the focus of an event or scene that when presented with an un-narrated view it feels foreign. The viewer is left to decide where to focus attention and which story and character to follow. Multiple things are unfolding in each environment and each subject has his or her own trajectory. Reflective of our world, where we each play the lead role in our tale but take part in an interwoven, larger mesh of stories.

Into the Sunset at the MoMA
An expansive exhibit highlight photography in the Western U.S. Although impressive, this show just felt unfocused to me, probably due to the sheer magnitude of the artists, subjects and styles. The goal seemed to be more about grandiose scale. Still, it was worth a look.

Tangled Alphabets at the MoMA
I wanted to be more impressed with this show than I actually was. As a designer, I have a special reverence for typography and it’s symbolic power, but left the exhibit feeling unfulfilled.

I have yet to view the Pictures Generation exhibit at the Met, which I am highly anticipating. A photography collection centered around New York artists.

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