Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A is for Appalled

Because of my job, I'm constantly exposed to the conservative nature of educators. It's tough trying to get through ideas and styles that aren't cliched and dated, and basically push the envelope more. But I find myself relieved that a school in New Jersey decided that it was best not to have Paris Hilton sustitute teach middle school children for an episode of The Simple Life.

The scary thing is that they even considered the proposition enough to go as far as having permission forms sent to parents. Of course the moms and dads were outraged and the school board was frightened back into thinking sensibly.


Susan said...

Christ, I can totally understand famewhoring, but how dumb do these administrators have to be? "Dear Parents: We do not take your child's education seriously. At all. In any way."

So, anyway. They teach evolution down there these days?

laoser said...

HA! I think if the texas government had a list of banned words, "evolution" would be on it.