Saturday, August 29, 2009

No more Reading Rainbow!

I'm extremely sad to hear that after 25 years, Reading Rainbow is going off the air. Like the passing of Mr. Rogers, a part of my childhood is gone.

Wholesome and unassuming, the show was a complete antithesis to today's prototypical programming which usually has to have some sort of hook or attitude. But I recall even years (or decades ago) when watching, I sensed that it didn't try to have any kind of edge or gimmick to compete with Sesame Street or other shows.

I had heard years ago that the show was in danger of being cancelled and LeVar Burton begged and pleaded for funding. I feel such disappointment for the passing of a great program that fostered a love for reading. I'm sad not just for my own sense of nostalgia but for the kids today who are going to miss out.

And who's mind wasn't blown when you first saw LeVar in a Star Trek uniform?

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