Monday, July 13, 2009

Wrong is the new right

My instincts are all wrong. That's what I've learned these last few weeks.

Due to my newly limited financial income, I decided to go to a new, cheaper place for a haircut. It's always a fearful leap of faith for a glasses-wearer because you just have to put your trust in the stylist while you stare into your blurry reflection.

The end result was a way shorter haircut that I had anticipated or was comfortable with.

The thing is, I've been getting a lot more compliments on my new haircut than I'd ever gotten before. Now maybe my friends are just being deceptively nice.

Or maybe the decisions or instincts I've had about my hair have been wrong. It makes me wonder if I've been making bad decisions for other things in my life. Like George Costanza, what if every thing I've ever chosen was the opposite of what I should've done?


Jess said...

I genuinely like the short hair. I think it looks great.

Laoser said...

Thanks Jess. You're validating my suspicions.