Saturday, November 24, 2007

Autumn, I hardly knew ye

It is currently 37 degrees with the sun out. I’ve grudgingly accepted the fact that the fall season in New York lasted about 36 hours this year.

I’ve definitely noticed that my mood has been affected by the weather more so than ever before. The short days and biting wind have kept me depressed and sour for the past few weeks.

I used to hear about people in Seattle being chronically depressed due to the constant rain, and I would scoff. I guess I never truly believed that climate could affect one's mood.

Of course I used to live in Texas where we were never without climate controlled environments for more than a few minutes. It was always a balmy 76 degrees in our cars and in our central-air houses.

Now having a few Northeast winters under my belt, I can say that I've learned a little more each time. I’ve been a little more prepared for onset of each winter. Last year was a respectable coat and warm socks. This year continues that trend with my splurging on $60 earmuffs.

Yes. $60. For earmuffs.

Cashmere earmuffs, and they’re grrrreat. I’ve used them twice and my ears are toasty and warm.

I struggled with the decision to buy them for a while. I walked past them a few times, even got to the front entrance of the store. But then memories of last winter, fighting the wind while trying to walk up the street, trying to burrow myself into my coat, and the vivid sensation of stinging cold on my ears kept me coming back to the earmuffs.

I can’t even imagine my parents dishing out $60 for a whole sweater, yet I had to have the earmuffs. I don’t think I will even be able to tell them the price because I can already picture the astonished looks on their faces.

I’m tempted to flaunt my new arsenal of warm clothes at winter and say "Bring it on, bitch!" but I know that I’m still a wuss when it comes to the cold and will just meekly hope that winter will just take this year off and leave us New Yorkers alone.

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