Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Car sick

I just finished watching a documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car, which chronicles the creation and ultimate end of General Motor’s EV1: a completely gas-free, road-tested, already-manufactured, zero-emissions electric car.

I was surprised to find out that someone (a major car manufacturer, in fact) had solved the issue of oil dependency and put a huge dent in our source of carbon emissions.... several years ago.

That sense of surprise quickly gave way to frustration as I watched the story unfold of how oil companies, government (state and federal), and car companies (including GM itself) put all their might into crushing the propagation of this miracle technology.

It was sobering to see a small group of inventors, advocates and loyal consumers with a genuine desire to do some good in the world get swallowed up by selfish, short-sighted money moguls.

I’m sure this film was created by people who are quiet partial to the EV1 side, so take the info with a grain of salt. But after a lifetime of being force-fed the views of Big Oil and those fellas in Detroit, it’s worth hearing a bit of the other side’s perspective for once.

And g.w. bush somehow managed to make me loathe him even more; quite a feat.

Netflix it and judge for yourself.

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