Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rice Krispy Feat

Once in a while I’ll give into an indulgence, whether it’s a new CD, clothes, or in last week’s case, a rice krispy treat during lunch.

It was a complete impulse purchase at the checkout counter. I don’t even like rice krispy treats. But my turkey breast wrap was already looking unappetizing so I knew I’d need something sweet to offset it.

Later, as I unwrapped my "treat", my initial reservations gave way to outright dread as I noticed that the thing was huge. It was seriously the size of a brick. I held it at a few angles to figure out how I was going to even bite the block seeing as how it was too big to fit into my mouth.

Normally, I’d appreciate the more-bang-for-my-buck aspect, especially since Guy and Gallard raped me at $2.95. But when I indulge in a guilty pleasure, I’d prefer to be a bit discreet about it. So as I held a clump of marshmallows and sugar the size of a small child’s head near my face, I began looking around to see if anyone was watching me with horrified expressions.

The fact that the rice krispy treat ended up tasting stale and processed didn’t appease me either. I tossed it after two bites.

Lesson learned: No more rice krispy treats, and that Guy and Gallard is over-priced AND over-rated.

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