Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gaming isn’t a game anymore

Video games have become such a huge market that companies are pumping billions of dollars into the production and marketing of their products. Gears of War uses cutting edge CGI in its commercials, Marlon Brando reprises his role in the Godfather video game and companies such as Toyota and Coca-cola are creating virtual products in Second Life which you actually pay for with real money.

Shrewd corporate strategies weren’t always the norm though. has a hilarious set of feature articles reminiscing about the early years of the gaming industry when no one knew what the hell they were doing, especially in advertising.

I remember seeing some of these ads when they first appeared and now wonder how I wasn’t frightened away from playing video games because of them.

Of course I wasn’t the design savvy, cerebral giant that I am today. [insert sarcasm smiley]

Check out this classic ad from 1991:

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