Friday, November 03, 2006

Lily Allen (p)review

I’m loving the music from Lily Allen, who has yet to have her debut album, Alright, Still released here in the U.S. (looks like it’ll be in January).

Her style is poppier than I can usually handle but her sound is quirky enough to hook you in. Plus her surprisingly dark themes and wordplay are a great juxtaposition to the uber-upbeat compositions. And sometimes it’s just great to hear a distinct English accent.

LDN is a great example where you can visualize her buoyantly strolling through London singing “Why would I wanna be anywhere else?” All this among describing pimps, crack whores and purse-snatchers.

It’s something that I find much easier to relate to after living in Gotham. There are so many startlingly horrifying, saddening and maddening aspects of this city, but so many (myself included) have such a reverence and love for the place. LDN could easily have been name NYC.

Alfie is a tune that walks a fine line between whimsical genius and annoying circus music, but I seem to enjoy it much more than anything else. You may hate or love the sound, but it’s hard to ignore.

Not Big is pretty easy to decipher so I don’t think I need to go into it. It may make some guys cringe at such venomous lines coming out of a girl, but this song is a great example of Lily’s music.

Lily is drawing a lot of attention in the UK and judging from the million plus listens on her mySpace page, she’s going to do pretty well domestically as well.



Not Big

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