Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gotham finally thaws

The weather is gorgeous in the city today. The sense of spring awakening is tangible and very very welcome.

This city still amazes me. During lunch, in a five minute span I witnessed:

1.) A man yelling into his cell phone: "Tell me, are all of you fucking retards or is it just you?! Fucker!" And then hanging up.

2.) An elderly woman walking down the street bawling uncontrollably.

3.) A toddler reaching into a sewer drain while his mother stands over him waiting for him to look up so she can shove a banana into his mouth.

4.) A homeless man in a wheelchair untangling his iPod headphone cord.

UPDATE (4/5/06): I may have been a little hasty with this post seeing as how IT’S FUCKING SNOWING!!!

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