Thursday, December 22, 2005

How’s my hair?

In an effort to become more professional at work, I’ve shed the t-shirts and jeans for buttoned shirts and pants. Jesus, I tuck in my shirt in the mornings too! And a belt? You betcha.

While in the past I may have viewed this as some sort of conforming to "the Man", I feel that maybe it’s time for people to start seeing me as a seasoned professional rather than the unkempt, wide-eyed newbie.

Of course all of this effort to look polished and sophisticated is moot thanks to my winter hat leaving my hair wildly matted in places and erect in others. Seriously, I look like a second-grader who was just dragged off of the tree fort at recess. I’ve braved the cold mornings hatless a few times just to avoid this situation but thanks to the NY Metro Strike, I’ve had to rely on walking the entire way to work. I feel I’ve been coping with the Northeast winter pretty well so far but leaving your head unprotected from the cold in just plain dumb. And I have my beef with the Union and the strike but that’s for another blog post altogether.

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